After speaking with thousands of survivors of abuse by narcissists & sociopaths, I realized there was an unfulfilled need for support. It is often difficult to detail what you’ve experienced when you haven’t yourself realized that you’ve been victimized. You may feel as if you’re in a fog, a state of confusion fueled by overwhelming sadness & resentment. Well-meaning friends & family will tell you to “move on,” because they cannot possibly understand what you’ve experienced. Through ACCEPTANCE, KNOWLEDGE & TIME, you will begin to see a light a the end of the tunnel & find hope again.

Working together, we will determine the traits of your abuser; identifying their characteristics will help you to accept the reality of the relationship. Whether your abuse was emotional, physical, psychological, financial or sexual in nature, you may not have even recognized it as abuse. Walking you through this experience, I will help you to identify mistreatment that you may have become accustomed to enduring. Your acceptance will allow you to move forward.

Understanding pathological behavior will put you in a better position to heal. Once you realize that you were duped by a master con artist, you can move past the “what if’s” and focus on your own recovery. I will share with you information that is relevant to your situation, and we’ll work to improve your outlook. I’ll provide you techniques for going “no contact” & supporting you through that process. We’ll develop strategies for coparenting, which protect you & the children alike, whilst staying within court guidelines. We can break down the minutia of the pathology, if that helps you to heal.

The last step of the recovery process is simply time…time to put these techniques into practice & to let your wounds begin to heal. I will be here to support you throughout your recovery, helping you to manage the ebb & flow of life. This is not a typical breakup and healing from this will not be typical either. It will be slow, with many ups & downs, but together we can get you to the other side.