Sessions $60/hour

Sessions are hourly rates (one hour minimum) & when relevant, overages are billed separately at $1/minute. For weekly clients, support includes messaging throughout the week for continued contact. All payments are made when the appointment is scheduled.

Your appointment starts at the agreed upon time; if you are late, your session is reduced by that amount of time. For example, if you are not available for your 3pm appointment until 3:15pm, then your “hour” will only be 45 minutes. I make every effort to be flexible, but my calendar is usually completely booked. No shows & cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment time will be billed at 50%. After three or more cancellations, appointments are billed at 100%. 



To schedule an appointment, please contact me:

Email narcissist.sociopath.awareness@gmail.com

Instagram @narcissist.sociopath.awarenes2